K3 – Kriss (Audio) | @Official_K3


Singer/songwriter K3 is no stranger to making music that moves people. The Indianapolis native always knew his talent would take him places and he was spot on.

He paid his dues across the country independently and then hit Los Angeles with Kriss, a debut EP that takes listeners on a sonic adventure of rich sounds and styles, all expertly intertwined to showcase his versatility. The result sounds like the work of a polished vet, a feat that is all the more impressive for an introductory project. 

Songs like “Ordinary Love” and “Change Ya Mind” exhibit his classic R&B chops, while other songs like “Late Night Stripper” are perfect for a wild 2019 function. That type of variety makes the six-song EP serve as a perfect introduction for an artist on a quick ascension.  

You can listen to the album by clicking this link or at the below. Hot ot Not?

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