LA SkyyWalker “A Moment In Time” Documentary

LA SkyyWalker is back with an exclusive documentary about his life coming up in the music industry. Becoming a national recording superstar was a dream he always knew would come to life. He grew up watching his father play the congas, while his mother listened and danced to her favorite tunes everyday. 

His cousin Amaru Emmanuel influenced him to get involved in the Hip Hop culture. He began recording his written material in the studio after Lil Ricky put him onto the chopped and screwed version of music. Fabolous single “I Can’t Deny It” ft. Nate Dogg was the one he fell in love with and from there history was made. 

After discovering his niche, LA SkyyWalker created the “GSMG” movement and started releasing all of his hits. The youth gravitated towards him in a big way because he brought a different sound of music to the table. He also accepted and embraced the new wave of music. Cleaning up the mess in his community without passing judgement on those coming up for their mishaps, was one of his biggest goals he looked to accomplish. Unity and Equality is something he stands for.

Check out the documentary below 

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