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Jei Wes is a veteran in the music industry who discovered his gift for music at only 8 years old.

Born and raised in Detroit, MI, JeiWes is clearly a working machine. Perfecting every genre, he’s now finding his own way to put all of them together.

After performing around the country, studying music engineering, sequencing, computer applications, and perfecting his craft, JeiWes brought his talents over to BMB Records where he serves as not only an A&R, but also as BMB Records’ exclusive producer.

JeiWes influences are OutKast, Kanye West, Nate Dogg, J. Dilla, and Dr. Dre. Now, he’s making a platform for himself to supply every fan with good music.

“I just want to show people teamwork makes dreams work. I know I can do it all,” JeiWes says. “I produce all of beats, write, rap, sing, and even record, mix and master all of it.” 

With his natural ear for music and ability to fuse genres like no one else, Jei Wes has produced hits for artists including Brooklyn Queen, Lil George, Neisha Ne’shae, La’ Britney, Aspect Zavi, and now he’s produced a hit of his own with his new single “Little Late”.


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