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Mocumentary web series ‘FeeWee Helms’ highlights sketch comedy
alongside catchy music

LOS ANGELES, CA – It’s been many years since “In Living Color” shook the world of entertainment and showed off a new style of improv and sketch comedy. But that drought is over, now that FeeWee Helms is on hand.

This new web series about a 20-something year old wannabe pop singer from London is the perfect kind of satirical comedy for this day and age. By poking fun at the music industry, while also showcasing a modern sound that is unique and catchy, FeeWee and her cast of characters are a breath of fresh air in a world filled with repetitive entertainment content.

In the show, FeeWee discovers she has a half-brother in the U.S. – named B-Strokes – who has a band that is missing that one thing that will make them special. FeeWee hires a film crew to have the band, and especially herself, filmed while trying to become famous. The show takes on a quasi-reality-based format in the style of a mocumentary, as the group deals with lust, hate, love, jealousy, gamesmanship, vulnerability, laughs, comedy and making good music.

“It’s like ‘The Office’ meets ‘Empire,’” said the actress and singer – Phylicia Wissa – who plays FeeWee Helms. “We want it to be in a mocumentary style, with all the family drama and sabotage between characters and the conniving things that happen. Art imitates life, and the show is reflective of things happening in the entertainment industry that we poke fun at in the series.”

The players in the show have been involved in acting and stand-up comedy for years – including stints on CBS’ “Criminal Minds,” Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet,” and ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Their musical influence comes from a rich family heritage of music that goes back to roots from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Having spread around the world, their family lives in France, England, Canada, Brazil and the U.S. – with musical influences from all of those cultures. As they grew up with those influences, and learned to love comedy, it became evident that they should fuse together their love for music and the sketch characters that they’ve created over the years.

In preparation for the new web series, the group is releasing some new music – highlighting FeeWee Helms, B-Strokes and K-Keys – who is the best friend of B-Strokes and protector of FeeWee Helms. The debut Ep called ‘Star’ will be released on Sept. 21 as an introduction to FeeWee Helms and the format of the show. The songs are pop songs with a hint of a retro feel, and all are overly dramatic in the vein of the mocumentary vibe the show will embrace.

The first song is called “I’m Over It,” and explores all the things in life that people might “get over” – from celebrities to Prius cars to wigs and weaves. It’s a song that has a hint of 1980s pop. The second song is “Girl-Elab,” and it’s a women empowerment song that also has a catchy pop sound. Third is “Posh,” which is an ode to Madonna’s “Vogue.” It’s a very lavish and vibrant sound that almost has a European house/club vibe with an early 1990s techno beat. The 4 th single “Simmer(Let it Burn)” is the perfect workout song for anybody losing weight or maintaining their sexy. “Simmer” is very similar to Kanye West’s Workout plan, in the same funny playful way.

Fans can also see snippets of the characters from the show by checking out the FeeWee Helms YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiEnlwQvP_ZGFP-peifqWTQ

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