Asian Doll Just Landed A Tour With Nicki Minaj & Future


Asian Doll has been on fire in the music industry for years now. Her passion, drive, and success definitely changed the Hip Hop game for all females. She is the original creator of an outstanding recognizable brand called “The Doll Way”, that young teens enjoy and gravitate to. After building a phenomenal loving fan base, dropping numerous mixtapes, and touring the U.S, Gucci Mane signed Asian Doll “The Princess of Rap”, as the First Lady of 1017.

To put the icing on the cake, Nicki Minaj who is one of Asian Doll biggest idols co-signed her movement eariler this year. Over time “The Queen” observed the next big superstar of this millennium work and decided to take her on tour. Right now Asian Doll is working on her new album with producer SouthSide under 1017, while she prepares to go on tour with Nicki Minaj and Future. Make sure you all support the movement. Thing are about to be real epic.

Instagram: @asiandadoll

Twitter: @ImAsianDoll



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