Femcee/Reality Star Dae-Jones Impresses W/ “Nice For What” Remix


Chicago Recording Artist/Reality TV Star Dae Jones is back on the music scene with her latest release, a remix video for “Nice For What” which is a great female spin on the Drake hit by the same moniker.

Last month when we learned that she was set to appear on the new reality show 3 Baby Mommas (about 3 women who share the same baby father and live in the same home with him) we wondered would she be taking a brief hiatus from music to focus on her many other business endeavors.

When we recently visited her Instagram @SadeVsDae she was in the process of releasing not one but two new music videos “Nice For What” and “Bad Bitch” with promos for both already posted as of June 3rd. Make sure you follow Dae Jones @SadeVsDae and her official new fan page @DaeJonesMusic_ for New Music & Visuals!!!

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