Sleepy Boy – I Wanna Take You


Although this video could be analyzed from multiple angles, “I Wanna Take You”, shot/edited by HustleCake, displays Sleepy Boy’s jealous imaginations of his crush’s romantic relationship

Throughout the video, he scans her Instagram account; zooming in on her face and on her body. The infatuation and examination of her Instagram photos is, in part, the catalyst of his envious visions. The tranquillity of the track mixed with the eerie essence of the visuals might catch you off guard, in a good way. Take a look for yourself and see what comes to your mind.

Sleepy Boy is a rapper/singer from the Boston area. His melancholic melodies, in combination with his puncturing and honest lyrics, may induce similar feelings to artists such as Kid Cudi, Bones or Lucki.

Formerly known as BiRD, and sleepyboybird, the 24 year-old has released two mixtapes since the summer; “BiRD vs. Evil” and “No Such Thing”. These tapes are a journey through the cognition of a young and bothered man. Hopeless, hopeful, nihilistic, bitter and faint hints of happiness are what comprise Sleepy Boy thus far. He feels something and he’s going to tell you.

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