Cleveland, OH – In the midwest region, there is not a lot of opportunity. The cities are full of hustlers, street tales, and a melting pot of race and culture.
R&B has lost a lot of its truth to the hip hop culture but Dalomonze bring a honest approach to the music. From dealing with not having a father in the house hold,
to the mom working harder to provide for the family. A blend of poetry, hip hop, and purpose music. The challenges of growing up as a man and building a family without no prepared guidance. Dalomonze vocal range shows growth and pain but fills each song with a balance.

Lets Get To Know Dalomonze

Where Are you from?

Cleveland Ohio born and raised througout different areas of ohio urban and suburban

How Did you get started making music?

I started by doing hooks for different artists and groups in the city, which eventually led me to working with DJ Phatty Banks. After offering and coming through in helping him build a studio when I was 16 he took me under his wing. He taught and allowed me to just soak in a lot of the talent surrounding him, the business dealing behind the music and studio engineering really stuck with me.
Where are you from?

What are some of your music influences?

Brian Mcknight, Mali Music, John Legend

What are some of the concepts involved in making your new projects?

I come with a perspective of the gospel through my life. So I try to create what’s real and honest and sound great because thats apart of who I am as a musician, the content is good and bad of what I’ve learned in life through God grace and mercy.

Do you have any shows coming up?

I’m planning a tour or Concert Series Summer 2018 with the release of the EP “Broken Vessels” as the headlining song. keep an eye on my social media for details

Who Produced The Song?

A lot do the tracks were either created by Fred Council or Dope Boyz in The UK. But I co produced every track with Huge help from Patty Banks with the On A Sunday record. I used his mix to set the standard of the rest of the project when I worked on then

What Album or Project is the Song on?

Do You Like Me? EP; “On A Sunday” was also released through DJ Phatty Banks “Balance” Project

Who Shot the video? and there affiliation?

I’m currently working on a few narrative videos with Lee Johnson (Signature Media Group) and Sasha Taylor (7even Nation Films)

Is There anything else you want to tell your fans?

I’m looking forward to growing with you and I got plenty more for you to vibe to. Transparency is big to me so as much feedback as possible is all I desire and its what ill bring.

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