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Wanly Florexile is an amazing film director, with incredible creative story lines and concepts. Over the years this young ambitious rising successful movie mogul has become well known in New York for the work he released in the past. He received a lot of great feedback from his movie “Hope of A Brooklyn Story”, “Brooklyn Fever”, and “Love Is Blind” web series.

Now Wanly Florexile looks to start 2018 off very strong with his new film “The Consequence”. This movie is about a farm owner name Dave, who grew up in a poverty town in Haiti. He was a single father who had to raise his kids by his self after losing his wife. He believes she died by curse from a voodoo priest she had encountered. Thinking life would be better in America, Dave decided to relocate to create a better life for himself, but found his self having to struggling to remove these dark troubling clouds from around him.

I highly recommend you all check out the trailer below. This movie will be out this year. Stay tune for this classic motion picture.

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