TUK Movement Gets Ready To Takeover The Red Carpet At The Queen City Awards Going’s Down December 16th In Charlotte

TUK Movement has been going ham for years now. Everyday they continue to elevate with their music. People find them to be fun, raw, creative, touching, and ambitious. Last year they were given an award for their achievement at the Official Queen City Awards. This definitely got all the members hyped and eager to do more. Now everybody is preparing for another huge epidemic taking place on December 16th, with this same award ceremony organization, after putting in so much work throughout 2017.

Mr. Wood$, who is a member of the Turn Up King movement will be running the Red Carpet with his partners this time around. They will also host live at WCCB Charlotte CW event, where they will be honoring Anthony Hamilton. This is really a huge accomplishment for everyone that is apart of the TUK, because their ultimate goal is to make progress and impact their fans lives by being a leader.

I highly recommend you all come through to the Official Queen City Awards. If you’re not at the Oasis Shriners on December 16th, you’re gonna be missing out big time. Mixing and mingling amongst the great is always a golden winning situation.

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