Cp Da Ruler Got The Winter Time Feeling Like The Summer With His New Project “Zoe Gawd”


Cp Da Ruler, who is an extraordinary hip hop star from Brooklyn, currently has a lot of industry people doing business with him. His talent as an artist is something no one can ignore. Releasing hits is apart of his nature. Over years he has released numerous catchy anthems we can all sing and dance to.

Ahh Ahh Ahh was the first classic that caught DJ Will attention, who quickly snatched it up and put it in rotation at Power 105.1. Later that same year Funk Flex shouted Cp Da Ruler out on IG, letting all his fans know that “Ruler Season” movement is a must support. This right here was an amazing achievement, because we all know it takes a lot to get Funk Flex to drop a bomb on you. He is the king at letting people know that their records are trash, from the indie to the mainstream. Funk Flex just doesn’t care because he knows great music when he hears it.

After receiving a co-sign from Funk Master Flex, Cp Da Ruler was influenced to go hard than ever before. He quickly got back in the studio and came back out with 2 singles called “More Paper and “Ball Player” ft. Boogz Boogetz, that did huge numbers on Sound Cloud. He received a lot of great feedback from fans and started pushing the records in different clubs in New York. This caught Danny Love’s eye and Cp Da Ruler found himself performing in front of DJ Self, who began spinning his records in the clubs too.

Taking things to the next level has always been a goal of Cp Da Ruler, so he decided to link up with Manolo Rose to collaborate, and that’s how “Bin Is Lit” came about. This new single is one of the hottest records blazing the streets right now. Manolo Rose definitely believe this track can go somewhere, so they both artists are preparing to shoot a video for it. Furthermore, Cp Da Ruler asked to come down to Roc Nation to meet with the A&R’s in December. Check out the record below and remember I said it here first, Cp Da Ruler will be a mainstream artist in 2018. This boy got hits for days up his sleeve. Zoe Gawd the hottest project out right now in the indie world.

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Twitter: @cp_da_ruler

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