Quantrelle Cokley Is The New Leader of Hip Hop and R&B


Quantrelle Cokley is a talented young artist who knows how to balance out his physical and spiritual experiences to create powerful music. When you listen to his records, you can tell he understands that music is one of the top things that soothes our souls. As I went down his playlist and listened to every track from beginning to end, I had to ask myself why isn’t he signed yet. What does it take to get on? Someone with this much sauce shouldn’t go unnoticed.

The messages he shares, his melodic voice, and story just makes you become mesmerized wanting but every song on repeat at the same time. Like Drake, J.-Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, Quantrelle Cokley has the ability to bring more life to the industry and have long lasting years in it. I don’t see any true fans of Hip Hop and R&B getting bored with this legend in the making anytime soon. My top favorite songs from Quantrelle Cokley are 4am, Godspeed, and Pure Soul, but most of all there is not one song he has released that I don’t like.

If you ever been in a tough relationship that went sour, dreamed about living a life full of abundance, while still finding working everyday to become more spiritual, Quantrelle Cokley must quickly be added to your playlist.

Download Quantrelle Cokley Mixtape Here: https://soundcloud.com/quantrelle/sets/nobodys-looking-1

Instagram: @quantrellecokley

Twitter: @quancokley


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