DJ Dacse Is The Life Of The Party “Get To Know Him”


Music wouldn’t be what it is today without a DJ. This is one of the most important elements for an artist to receive a big break in the industry. Many DJ’s across the nation never really get the credit they deserve for their hard work. Well I’m here to shed a little light on one of our greatest upcoming DJ’s today.

DJ Dacse, who was born and raised in Queens Village, New York has been professionally DJing for 6 years. His reason for pursing this as a career stems from a few of his older cousins who were also DJ’s. After working hard throughout the year to create a buzz, DJ Dacse landed a deal with Club Lituation, Rain Nightclub, and Reggae artist Boomblast.

Here is where he got the opportunity to build real solid relationships with different upcoming artist. Everyday he would look to bless a few of rappers and singers with club spins, so they can be heard and grow their fanbase. He also hosted a variety of mixtapes for those he encounters on his journey. You know the saying, a blessing isn’t a blessing unless you share it. This is why they call DJ Dacse “Gods Gift” because he really lives by this. Right now he currently Dj’s for “Addyell” and “Rich Fly Gz” music group.

Although DJ Dacse hasn’t been on tour or hasn’t had the opportunity to work with some of his favorite celebrities, he still strives everyday to make amazing things happen. What is life without elevation? I think with all know the answer to that, so know his mission is golden. At the end of the day, all DJ Dacse wants to do is use his talent and passion world to make a difference in the music game by being an asset to others who need him, while showing others that it’s ok to turn your hobby into money.

Artist / Promoters if your looking for club spins, a credible DJ to host your next project, or work at your event / party, please feel free to email your songs or request to If it’s dope he will play it for sure.

On November 17th DJ Dacse will be at Amadeus Night Club with DJ Self, DJ Starkz, Boomblast, and more. Make sure you all pull up. It’s gonna be straight fire.

Instagram: @djdacse

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