Mayor Jennifer Wood Allegedly Frauds Her Own City With Water Dept

Mayor Jennifer Wood is the mayor of California city, CA a small town that is located literally in the middle of the desert. It has been a coined ghost town as the town is a rural area and the closest hospital is a little under an hour away.

The people who resided in California city range from elderly to people living with disabilities or ex-cons who spent time in the prison located just on the outskirts of town. when you google Mrs/ Wood you won’t find meaning people who are happy with her service of her town. She has been labeled a fraud, cold hearted and void of human emotion, A Facebook page that goes by “Eyes on You” has around 500 likes and many locals calling for Woods resignation and rightfully so.

The water department who she oversees as it is part of her job to know the workings of the town she resides as mayor over robs the poorest people in the city by charging outrageous fees no human can justify. 36 dollar late fee and a 57 dollar charge if that service is connected. The water department employees are sadistic humans who refuse to allow their residents to make payment arrangement which is by law illegal

Mayor Wood may appear to not be aware that a town that has 85 percent of its children on free lunch cannot endure this treatment and that she is in fact content with robbing the poorest and indirectly abusing children and those are the ones who suffer the most from her water departments behavior

Another Facebook page, the California City Community News wrote an open letter to the Mayor expressing her abuse of power and blatant disregard for the people in her city says

I think tha Mayro needs to remeber allthat is done in the dark can and will come to the light and she needs to relase the employees of the wate department immdieatly and the people need to band together and file a class action suita gainst the water depart and Mayor Jennifer Wood for robbing poor people. They know these people cannot afford these prices and they do know there is no othe options as they are the monolopy and this is undeniably and abuse of power and fraud to the statres most vulnerable people 

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