New Music: Danny Boy Money “Real Talk”

Known as Danny Boy Money, this ambitious talent hailing from Connecticut has his eyes set on writing his name into the lights as New England’s foremost MC and performer.  Releasing projects since 2004, his notable works include New Rules Vol 1 + 2, Prince of Connecticut, and Talk of The Town.  His newest focal point is his forthcoming Illegal Tender EP and full length offering Divine Intervention both of which will be offered to fans this calendar year.   His past collaborations include work with Tru Life, and Louisville Slugga both which produced acclaimed material, helping boost his buzz and enhance discography.
“I have always been honest, my goal is to remain independent and accomplish success to the point where I can employ my people.”
Since his release from Federal incarceration, Danny Boy has been steadfast in his commitment to the music and his brand.   Writing since the age of 13, he has picked up where he left off at filling the five year void (incarceration) and renewing his relationship and reign over the Connecticut Hip Hop scene.  Be sure to add Danny Boy Money to your radar, as he continues to build and make himself a household name.
Check out his new track Real Talk

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