Mr. Red Ceo links with Dj Smoke on Smoke N Ryde Reloaded! | @MrREDceo @DjSmokemixtapes

Shout out to my dude Mr. Red Ceo he hosted Smoke N Ryde Reloaded!! The mixtape is doing really well its has reached hundreds of thousands of people throughout 50+ outlets!! 

I got some feedback from friends and others the dope part is most ppl didnt even know there was any indie artists on the mixtape!! Shout out to Mr. Red Ceo for putting out QUALITY music!! 

Bro got heat, the sound quality is on point, the overall sound of his music is on point. This is not our first run we been rockin out for a lil while now.

Get in tune while its still early, don’t wait for him to get on FW him now and support support support!! I see bro going far in this music business!! I copied all of his songs below for EASY access!

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