Louisiana rapper with love for science fiction prepares new EP ‘Starlord Unlimited’


OPELOUSAS, LA – Knowledge is life and longevity.

That’s the mantra that Kenneth Collins follows both in his life and as a professional musician. In fact, he’s adopted it as his stage name, KILL Cosmos – the latter half of which nods to his love of science fiction.

The Louisiana-based rapper said he draws inspiration from his life and everyday experiences. He integrated clever wordplay with a laid back delivery and an arsenal of flows. And his unique perspective is lighting up the hip-hop world thanks to his mixtape “Jesus Lil Brother,” which he released late last year. It features 13 original songs that talk about being young and making mistakes, while highlighting a range of sounds – from mellow and laid-back, to turn up with an 808 beat.

Since the release of that mixtape he’s been working on a new EP that he’s calling “Starlord Unlimited,” which he hopes to release later this year. It will be an eight-track EP that he’s putting together under the collaboration of producer Squint.

“It’s a concept tape about an alien who comes to earth,” he said. “That’s a metaphor for getting away from your problems for awhile – you know, like hanging out with the guys and going to get high or drunk or whatever.”

KILL said he first fell in love at a young age because of his older sister, Amanda. When he was younger, he remembers that she loved music so much and would always purchase albums from every rapper, R&B singer or pop artist who attracted her ear.

“She introduced me to music and helped me start to pay attention to what was being said in the lyrics along with the instrumentals,” he said. “After I heard Lil Wayne’s ‘Da Drought 3,’ I knew I wanted to be a rapper. That wordplay … Lil Wayne is clever as hell. I was a freshman in high school when I heard that and I haven’t looked back since.”

Today he said he hopes to create music that will inspire others in the same way that people like Lil Wayne inspired him.

“I want my music to be a friend to someone,” he said. “I want it to be something they can find comfort in – even when they feel like the world is up against them. That’s why I rap about real life happenings and real life stories and things I see.”

One of the first singles off the EP he’ll drop later this year is called “All Alone.” The music video for the single is currently available on YouTube. It features fellow rapper Sincaide and has a distinct “Erykah Badu” type of a hook in the middle.

“It’s mostly about not having anything and yet wanting it all,” he said. “It’s about those thoughts you have when you’re by yourself and you fantasizing about what your life could be and what you want it to be.”

Fans who want to check out that video can do so on YouTube. Fans can also follow KILL on social media on Facebook @Kill Cosmos, on Twitter @starfoxxdavinci and on Instagram @starfoxx_64.

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