Rapper King Trill Shows You How To “Get This Money”


Captivating, Dynamic and Spellbinding. Those are the words that best describe Texas based Rapper King Trill. At times brilliant, at times unique, King Trill is relentlessly engaging. He is living proof that when you follow your heart’s direction it leads you to your passion. King Trill has honed a refreshing style that is explosive. His music encompasses reality driven themes that appeal to a broad demographic.

King Trill delivers an unique blend of style and substance that rarely exists in today’s rap scene. He seamlessly combines commercial flavor with intricate social commentary. It’s his combination of a crossover appeal and substance that makes King Trill stand out from the crowd. He writes compositions that touch on subjects such as politics, religion, poverty, etc.

King Trill is currently riding high off of the release of his critically acclaimed album entitled “Real Estate.” The album serves as a musical diary of his life. “Real Estate” is cinematic, motivational, memorable, exciting, unique and passionate. King Trill’s enthralling flow and ear-grabbing delivery permeates each song. He gives each track the regal touch.

One of the lead singles from the album is “Get This Money.” The song was produced by fellow Dallas native DJ Oreo. The song is highly energetic and full of heavy bass, and hardcore lyrics. The song describes King Trill’s journey from the streets to the rap game and eventually to the real estate market. It’s available on iTunes. For more information on King Trill log on to www.KingTrillMusic.com


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