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Many people have said that Reggae music has died in Jamaica, and that what we are listening to is commercial Dancehall. Agree or disagree, there are still a few Jamaican artists who are delivering positive message through creating authentic Reggae. One such person is Jamaica based singer, Safira Mono. Many refer to her as a breath of fresh air in the Reggae music industry.

Safira Mono released her first official single “Monitor” through Vpal Music in hopes of reaching out to the youth and parents the same. “Everyday I meet someone new and they share with me how much Monitor has changed their lives” she expressed. “That makes me feel great to know that the most high Jah, choose me as a vessel to deliver positive message to the people”.
The rising Reggae star elaborates on her follow-up single “Cruff Life”.

“Cruff Life is a record produced by FrassOut Records and it’s getting a lot of attention because it is delivering a message that the people can relate to”.

Monitor and Cruff Life are both available on Itunes, Amazon, etc

Watch Monitor official Music Video:

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