NEW VIDEO: Shel Bailey – WILD BARBARIAN (Cassidy Diss)


Shel Bailey releases his single “Wild Barbarian” from his newly released album Crazy Joey. It is a quintessential Hip Hop diss track.
The track is gritty, with timely DJ scratching, and a hard hitting baseline. The song has an added boost from a catchy Nas sample (Produced by J. Pilot) on the chorus, from which the song derives its title. The song disses rapper Cassidy for allegedly “stealing” Bailey’s album cover from his debut album Golden Eagle. Cassidy used a very similar cover for his own mixtape Da BARbarian, a title Bailey says Cassidy took from one of his favorite rappers, the deceased Sean Price. Bailey lets his feelings be known with several insulting and inflammatory punch lines.
The concept of the song is all barbarian. It’s a lyrical battle rap at its core, but also a catchy song you can bop to.
The video is heavily barbarian themed with dancers in costume and tribal war paint. There’s barbarian weaponry of all sorts. The artist, Shel Bailey and what seems to be his sensei demonstrate some crafty weapon work in the video. The song and video are lively. Bailey is a relatively unknown newcomer to the rap game. He’s had success in the industry as an actor. Let’s see what he can do with music. He’s coming out swinging hard by attacking a legendary and sometimes ferociously lyrical rapper like Cassidy with this lead song “Wild Barbarian”. It will be interesting to see if Cassidy responds. The song and video are worth checking out hip hop fans.

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