Deuce Ellis – ‘Experiments in Electricity’ Instrumental Album


Deuce Ellis announces his new self-produced album “An Electric Ride” by rolling out what he calls an open source instrumental project titled “Experiments in Electricity.” Production for the entire concept began late August 2015, right after his girlfriend and creative partner Jenna’s bday, months before the couple would move to Hawaii. An Electric Ride is a concept album telling the stories of passengers on a funky intergalactic train traveling the cosmos to arrive at the final destination in the Universes most exciting city “Electric City.” Deuce drew inspiration for the project from the work and ideas of Nicola Telsa and Joseph Campbell’s “Hero With A Thousand Faces” which also inspired George Lucas’ “Star Wars”. #TheCult leader collaborated with Jenna’s design firm TeethRatedR for the art direction of the project. With “Experiments in Electricity” Deuce aims to begin to paint the sonic picture to the world he’s creating, while also inviting other MCs & artists to share and contribute their own unique visions.

Embed for Experiments in Electricity


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