Luxury Dutch Drops His New Exclusive Record “Pain”

It’s really hard to escape the street life growing up in Far Rock. Most men from this small city grew up with no father figure. With very little guidance and the struggle surrounding people from all angles, many were influenced to become drug dealers.

Luxury Dutch who is an upcoming artist from Far Rock, tells his story about how his life was after losing his mother at 9 years old. On his new record “Pain”, he recently dropped, he spoke about getting caught up in gang wars, pushing drugs, cutting school, smoking weed to eliminate stress, having a corrupt mind, and running through different women.

After listenin to Luxury Dutch music, I definitely feel like he is going to go far. His name will be a household name in this music industry. Nothing but classics comes from this young star right here. He is already dominating all the clubs, indie radio stations, and colleges. Luxury Dutch has done features with different mainstream industry artist and has created a huge buzz without any blog promotion. With his pen game, exclusive music, skillful writing, and the right team, he is bond to make it. Having longevity in the game is not even a question, because his talent speaks for itself. Luxury Dutch is here to stay for a fact. Check out his new track asap.

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