Rapper Loyal Dishes On New Music And Growing Up In Chicago

The windy city has given us Barack Obama, Oprah’s TV empire, great popcorn, Common and Kanye. If there is one thinloyalwhiteg that Chicago is not short of and thats great lyricists.  Despite the influx of talent it seems thats its a lot harder for MC’s from Chicago to make it to the mainstream.  Astronomical lyricist, Loyal is about to change this.  Loyal is a full package with lyrics and a sound that is street but commercial enough to crossover. He’s becoming the talk of the town in the city that has unfortunately become synonymous with violence. In the last few years some of the artists that were next to blow didn’t live to see their dreams transform to reality. With his city on his mind and a hit song featuring Pohhla,Loyal sat down and talked to us about Chicago and how he has become his city’s new outlet to shine.

Describe your music?  It’s Versatile, I go off the energy I feel from the beat. I’m working on. Different sounds, instruments, bass lines etc summed up brings different patterns and flows out of me. I try and speak to the souls of others while I have control of there ear for some seconds. No Genre because I feel I can do all things possible. I can make a EDM track or Country Songs if I want too.

What separates you from other artists? I’m more dedicated, a lot of artist want the lifestyle (Fame,Money exposure etc) but cant handle what comes with it. The sleepless nights, the multiple friendship loses, money mishaps. Me I’m smarting enough to  know Balance and Patience is the Key. I’m into Longevity.

Describe Chicago in four words?  Aggressive, Cold, Humbling, Challenging,


How has Chicago influenced you? It’s sad to say but the murders in Chicago have influenced me. They influenced me to want a better lifestyle. It Inspired me to want more out of life. The” Block” is not where my story will End. When my close friend  Michael Phipps Jr passed, I chose to put all my anger and frustration into music. My pain turned into a passion, music became my relief system. All based off Chicago Day to Day Problems. The Bad worked for the Better.

What are some difficulties that you have been through as an artists? Woah! Where do I start? Lol one difficulty was getting comfortable with hearing my own voice on the microp

hone. After that, finding the right production. I mean all my homies had beats, but very stingy keeping all the beats to their self. Once I found a few producers down with me I jumped that hurdle. Now I have producers sending me free beats thru my email just wanting to work and build. The Tables Turned.

loyal painfulHow did you overcome those difficulties? Me getting comfortable with my voice on the mic, simply recording, staying in the studio, studying myself, trying to find ways to get better. When it

came to beats, I had pay to play. I believed in myself so I starting investing. I started buying and leasing beats from producers all over the Internet.

Who are  some artists who inspire you? The first person is Jay-z and I know it sounds typical but for multiple reason. Not only did he manage to make it out the projects, he managed to maintain and run several other businesses.  That’s what I aspire to do.

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