Niko Khale: New Mixtape “Storytime”


Niko Khale is such an inspiration in the Hip Hop World today. His movement is crazy and his work speaks for itself. It was honored to have the opportunity to meet Niko Khale at Webster Hall last year, where he performed his dope single “Legalize It”. He has a funny creative side to him on stage and he is very entertaining to watch. What I love most about Niko Khale is that he is different and he has a great since of humor. His personality is like no other when it comes to making music that the whole world will feel.

Recently Niko Khale dropped a new exclusive mixtape called “Storytime” that I can really say I enjoyed listening to. He gave us some hot lyrical tracks about his life, his relationship, and dreams to some classic smoove instrumental beats. My favorite songs on this project were Grind, I Ain’t Never, Only, Use To Be, Worst, What A Day, Be Somebody, Will You Be There, and Generation because his lyrics touched me in a deep way. He was able to help me open up my mind to see brighter things in life that we normally take for granted. I was able to feel his pain, joy, and mental pictures of how his future is going to be, which was very inspiring. His records gives me hope for a better tomorrow. I highly recommend you all check out his new mixtape and support the movement.



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