1st Generation – “Remain Cool”


1st Generation was formed in the fall of 2013 in Staten Island NY. The duo was introduced to one another through a mutual friend (Chief Encore). The name is derivative of the fact that both (I-Am-I & Ant McQueen) come from Jamaican backgrounds. In fact, both of their mothers were born in London, England – talk about irony. Originally, they planned to use the name for a wine company after getting a homemade wine recipe from Ant McQueen’s grandmother.

One afternoon, Ant McQueen was in the studio going through a slew of samples and drum breaks. Eventually, he stumbled upon the sample and break that would be become the “meat and potatoes” of the track. After making the beat he drove over to I-Am-I’s block then played the track for him. A freestyle session ensued almost immediately.

The hook was a byproduct of listening to a lot of James Brown leading up to the song’s conception. Remain Cool is somewhat of an affirmation (or a reminder so to speak). Regardless of the inevitable peaks and valleys one is best suited to stay even-keeled, or as we say – “remain cool”. In a sense one could say maintaining a sense of “grounded-ness” is what “Remain Cool” is all about.

Look out for the duo’s Volume One EP dropping this coming July on Steelohim.

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