Fishing With DJ WOODY WOOD


When Duerward Beale, pka DJ Woody Wood from the iconic Philadelphia rap group Three Times Dope, decided to shoot a Philadelphia-based reality show about fishing, his friends fell for his idea..hook, line and sinker.

Not right away, but as audiences will see in his upcoming reality web Fishing With DJ Woody Wood that they took the bait and found themselves in a small boat, drinking in the atmosphere of the outdoors and even learned to enjoy it. The six-part original webisode series will air every Tuesday, beginning May 3 on YouTube, with subsequent new episodes airing on May 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st and June 7.

Woody, who spends his days as the executive director of his non-profit youth organization, YOACAP, is taking viewers behind the scenes of his life with his friends, family and every day people as the football buff tackles the numerous challenges that he faces in his hectic day-to-day life.

What is it about fishing that caught his attention? As a kid, enjoying the outdoor air and boating became second nature to Woody who was raised in Northside Philadelphia but spent his summers in Goldsboro, North Carolina. “I’m a country boy who enjoys the outdoors. I appreciate life and being humble and taking care of my family.”

His deep appreciation for the outdoors lead to his idea for the six-part reality webisode series directed by Walter Wimberly, which will air weekly with new episodes, beginning May 3, 2016. In his first episode, Woody introduces viewers to his beloved Momma Beale and his friends Ebony, Michael, Shamar, Tameka, Doobie, Tajuana, as well as teammates from the Philly Northwest Giants and his second family at YOACAP.

“We started shooting this series three years ago,” Woody explained to his guests who attended the premiere party held in a screening room at Drexel University on April 17. “My mom has Dementia, so I had to get it in where I could fit it in. When people first heard that I was doing a fishing show, they didn’t want to do it because they are nervous of the water, but now they like it.”

Air personality Lady B who is heard weekdays on 100.3 WRNB, hosted the screening and commented during her opening remarks, “In 34 years on the radio, I have never watched a reality show. Folks come up to me and tell me that their daughters don’t have to be reminded to be ratchet. So when Wood came to me, I wanted to know what did he want to come out of it. I was just trying to keep it 100. and he said that he likes to take care of his mom and fishing is relaxing to him. After watching this show, I decided, ‘now this is a show I would tune into. ‘

“I was really impressed when he said, ‘I would like to work on the show more, but mama comes first.’ That is such a quality to share with the audience. Also, there’s nothing negative about this series. If we have to do reality TV, let’s do this kind. Woody’s a real man who is giving back to his community and he stands by his woman, too.”

DJ Woody Wood, who began his music career as a member of Three Times Dope, an Arista Records late 80’s rap trio that recorded a series of feel-good party music for much of their career. After the group disbanded, he detoured from music, earning his Master’s Degree in Human Services from Lincoln University.

Deeply committed to his sense of family, the former recording artist points out that a family of four can go fishing for a day for the same price that they can go to the movies. “I hope that after people see this project that they feel we should do more of these projects that speak to our community and our concerns,” he said.


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