New Video: Truly Divine “Besties Effen”


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Growing up in the hardcore streets of South Side Jamaica, Queens has been a curse and blessing for Truly Divine. His road to success was not a very smooth one. Truly Divine was one of the people who got caught up living the street life and has served time in jail. He also experienced losing many friends throughout his journey as he began to turn his life around.

Truly Divine is an extraordinary artist with the ambition and mindset to win. His passion and love for music has opened up many industry doors. This young rising star currently works closely with Twin who works with is apart of the G-Unit movement.

Truly Divine is now G-Unit affiliated and has recently released a new exclusive video called “Besties Effen”, to help promote Effen Vodka Liquor. In this video you can catch Truly Divine hitting up the clubs with the hottest strippers, stuntin in a dope SUV, and drinking Effen Vodka Liquor with his home boy in the hood.

Truly Divine swag is definitely on point and you can tell he loves the fashion world, just by the way he dresses his video. I highly recommend you all support the movement, as Truly Divine continues to work hard to make his dreams come to fruition.

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