Jopaul feat. Dudley Stevenson – “You Got It”


JopauL is a gifted songwriter, in-demand rapper, performer, and choreographer who is extremely energetic and dedicated when it comes to making fun, upbeat songs, portraying having a great time while enjoying life. He was born and raised in Staten Island, New York, into a middle class family and still lives there till this day.

At an early age JopauL started writing poetry which he won many awards for. Realizing his talent and his love for music, he decided to put the two together.

“I remember listening to a song and the rapper said “poetry in motion”, he said. “That’s when it clicked, I said to myself, I could do that, so I began writing lyrics over instrumentals and the rest was history”.

JopauL worked hard on his craft, teaming up with local producers. He made a five track EP andwas seeking someone to help him bring his music to the market. One night, a lifelong friend reached out to him as they haven’t spoken in a while.

”I saw my phone ringing and said to myself, this is the guy that can do it” said JopauL. While catching up on their lives JopauL expressed his passion for rapping and they set up a day to meet.

JopauL’s lifelong friend, Mel Kling III was pleasantly surprised while listening to these songs. “I knew he was rapping, but thought it was more of a pastime, rather than trying to make a career out of it. I was blown away by the energy JopauL was conveying on the records and my brain immediately started going into business mode,’ said Mel. Being an entrepreneur, Mel told JopauL he wanted to manage him as he felt he would be a major asset to JopauL’s career. They agreed on the terms and JopauL was signed to MK3Management.

Through his management staff, JopauL started working with platinum producer EBONIKZ, recording up tempo records with singers and songwriters from all over the world such as, B. Madison, Mike Savage, and Mzmunchie Latrelle, just to name a few. As time progressed JopauL was introduced to super producer Dominic “DomWan” Durham.

”When I found out that Dom produced my favorite song “Still Believe” off the movie Honey,” JopauL said. “I was hoping he would work with me. I must have watched that movie a hundred times, I felt like this could be my big break, and it was.”

Dominic Durham and JopauL clicked instantly. “Throughout my career I produced tracks for many artists. LL Cool J, Brandy, Ray J, Lil Wayne, Cheetah Girls, Monica, Carlos Santana and Yolanda Adams just to name a few,” said Dominic. “After JopauL and I recorded our first track I knew he was a star and I decided JopauL would be the next artist I would sign to DomWan Entertainment.”

JopauL and executive producer Dominic Durham have finished up JopauL’s full length debut album, titled Time Of My Life, dropped in 2014. The first single off the album, titled “Awe Yeah” was released on December 7th 2013 and has been well received.

Since the release of “Aww Yeah” it has charted # 1 at CougarRadio in Dallas, PA and has charted in the Top 40 on POP/HIP-HOP stations such as Power 98.5, Kiss 105.1 FM, and 955JAMZ. “Aww Yeah” is currently in rotation at more than 70 colleges across the United States and is in heavy rotation at Notre Dame, Fairfield, Hamilton, Bowling Green, and more.

”Aww Yeah” has garnered views in the tens of thousands within the first month of its release. In late April of 2014, DomWan Entertainment released an official remix for the single “Aww Yeah” Feat. DJ Steel. The Remix was well received and has charted in the top ten on HOTT 94.4 and is also in rotation at more than 50 colleges across the United States.

JopauL’s new single “You Got It,” features a singer from the DMV area, Dudley Stevenson, who has his own production company called Forever Musik.


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