Cee feat. Notion – “Yeah”


Let’s be real here. Music is soft these days.

If you turn on the radio, you’ll be bombarded with song after song of the same old, same old. If you actually want to hear a track that’s saying something, then you gotta go find it yourself.

Cee has always been one to speak his mind through his art. Although politics isn’t his dominant subject matter, he’s never been shy about putting his feelings on a record time and time and time and time again. Every year on his birthday, Cee drops something on us. A mixtape, a video, an album, a headline show…and now a brand new single.

Produced by French beatsmith Cool FD, “Yeah” sees brothers Cee and Notion reunite over a haunting, synthy, neck snapping late ’90’s Dr. Dre-esque banger. Cee touches on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the Flint water crisis and the Israel/Palestine conflict, while Notion addresses racial tensions and police brutality while celebrating presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

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