Chris Rockwell Presents Rockwell Rebel Radio Record Release Party


In less than a week, Chris Rockwell is set to release his newest full length record, Rockwell Rebel Radio, the follow up album to his acclaimed 2013 album Buildings Will Collapse, at the newly opened Gallery in Lakewood NJ. The two lead singles, “The Do Work Song” and “A Patient Year”, have been in circulation since the summer, the former being accompanied by a music video.

To add to the hype, Rockwell is not releasing another single, but rather a Spotify playlist that includes the songs that were sampled to create the throwback feel intact throughout Rockwell Rebel Radio. “I wanted to give people a glimpse of what was to come without necessarily spoiling it,” he remarks, “and I want people to remember those golden days of radio, when every song gave you that warm feeling.”

The event will play host to artists, photographers, poets, dancers, and musicians, all under one roof for one night. “I’ve been looking forward for this event for quite some time,” says collaborator and chief engineer of the project, Willis “New Star” Smith. “It’s going to be a wonderful crowd, friendly people, good drinks and top notch performances. We’ve worked hard on this project and now it’s time to enjoy it.”



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