Just Ivy Gets Sporty With ItsAGTV!


In this age of celebrity, hardly anyone gets as much attention as athletes and entertainers. What’s intriguing though, is that most of them have interests in both. Although people don’t always look at musicians as athletes, most musicians compare themselves to athletes in the sense of growing, changing and honing their skills.

Today, Jackthriller.com spoke to European American singer Just Ivy! We spoke about how her background in sports contributes to her excellence in the music arena. Coming off her recent single release with platinum selling artist French Montana and collaborations with top musicians such as DJ Khaled and Akon, Just Ivy is no stranger to performance at the highest level. See the excerpts below:

Did you have a favorite sports team growing up?

JI : I grew up in Europe and soccer is number one sport there. My favorite team was Real Madrid. 

Did you play any sports yourself?

JI : As I kid I played tennis and did swimming. Right now I’m into Pilates and I go to the gym when I have the time for it. Though I can’t do it as much, the mentality sports give you sticks with you through all of your activities.

Who is your favorite athlete?

JI : Michael Jordan, I work hard to be the best I can be.

What are your favorite sports teams now?

JI : Real Madrid and LA Lakers!

How do sports connect to your life? Do you use things you learned from sports in your art?

JI : Sport builds will power and self discipline, it teaches patience, timing, focus and concentration. Gives us tolerance to overcome our physical pain and gives us both moral and physical courage. These things that we learn from sport are important in every aspect of life, whether it comes to professional activity or every day routine. When it comes to music you definitely need all of the above in all the areas of your craft: from 8 hour dance rehearsals, to being in studio from morning to late night the or being on the set for 17 hours.

Follow one of the upcoming stars in the music business on her website at http://iamjustivy.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/iamjustivy/

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