#HipHopIsInternational Malone – “Introspection EP”


As music is an adventure that is lived alone, Malone returns with a new EP called Introspection.

“To look inside of oneself,” to find oneself, to listen to that inner voice, that’s the challenge of a lifetime the singer has embarked. Every one carries his own wounds, the marks of his own past that recalls us and can help us move forward. The idea is that in order to move forward we must not look too far back or dwell on what is past.

Malone keeps in mind the fact that every man must honor his predecessors. Many developments and evolutions result of their struggles, battles lead by anonymous as well as by great men.

We must not forget it. The rapper, conjugates verbs that push us to reflect on identity, on that other part of us.

We live in a world where relationships cause interactions. That’s why questioning is required.

This introspection is above all his own but it might be yours as well.

Introspection is out now on Malone’s website.


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