Symplicity BK Shuts Down Smash Studios


Honest, talented, sweet, focused, intelligent and gifted are a few attributes that describe Symplicity, a group consisting of three siblings, Tasia, 22, and twin-sisters, Star and Sha’tarr, 23.

On Feb. 24, they released their debut EP: Symplicity: The Dolls Of R&B/Hip Hop, and the listening party was held at Smash Studio in New York City. Entertainment Editor Shamika Sanders of Hello Beautiful hosted the event, and DJ Fugi Slim curated the music. Special guest includes Hip Hop artist Josh Jacobs, Victory Jones, Mike Baro of Universal Republic, Industry CoSign Bid Ced, & more. The audience enjoyed the evening, while sipping on Clique Vodka and munching on foods created by Ken Cooking Lounge and Chef Cubano.

Jeff Lucas, CEO of JL Management & Booking, and Walter Velasquez, president of Lucas Entertainment are now working in conjunction to take Symplicity’s talents to the next level.

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