@Sertified feat. @therealcapnkirk & Stat 1 – “Back 2 The Block”


Sertified is an emcee hailing from the Southside of Austin, Texas, who has surely made his presence felt within the past year. With lyrical content consisting of more than just his favorite past times & smoking marijuana, don’t get him confused with just another “weed rapper.” He gives you everything you want in a great emcee. Not only does he bring an unmatched charisma to all his rhymes and lyrics, he undoubtedly evokes a beautiful work of art in your mind… but don’t get too comfortable, Sertified is known to switch it up and hit you with unique concepts that will have even the most creative artists doing a double-take. Apparent from his recent collaborative LP release with German producer Heartbeatz, entitled FilthyFckingHumans, it’s no wonder that Sertified continues to build his fan base & grab the attention of even the most critical of hip-hop fans. His recent LP release has become a fan favorite in the Southern region and shows no signs of letting up, therefore leaving you with only one evident conclusion… With an industry full of impostors & watered-down lyrics, Sertified can definitely be labeled a refreshing definition to the word “authentic”.

From his 11-track mixtape Chips and Salsa, Sertified gears up with Cap’n Kirk of The SubKulture Patriots and label mate Stat 1 for the asphalt anthem “Back 2 The Block”. Produced by Haris The Terrorist who brings an almost grunge style sample choice with a high-hiss over a classic break creates an atmosphere anyone with a pulse can relate to. The collaborative mixtape is out now on iTunes & Sertified.biz

@Sertified | @therealcapnkirk

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