Hugo: New Single “It’s Alright”



In this new era of Hip Hop you never know what you’ll get or hear from an artist. There are only many rappers that rap about things they have not truly experienced. You can find mainstream rappers who came from rich families rapping about starting from the bottom. Some even speak about gang banging, and selling drugs knowing that they didn’t that type of lifestyle. Believe it or not, even indie artist have done it too. They make songs rapping about loads of money and possession they do not have trying to find their spot in the music industry. Well Hugo is different giving us nothing but the real about how it was growing up for him. Recently Hugo dropped his hot new single “It’s Alright” on Sound Cloud where he spoke about his family, begging Con Edison to keep their lights on, having a plan to do it big, and how he never looked for a quick fix. He wants longevity in the game and wants his family and girlfriend to know that everything is going to be alright. Hugo doesn’t grind hard for the gram because he knows he is going to be one of the leaders who changes the game. I definitely felt this record because I was able to relate to his pain and struggles. If you are on the come up praying for a better lifestyle this song right here is for you.



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