Artist Spotlight: @MULANNMILLA is the Next Hip Hop Superstar: “Back 2 Back Freestyle” (Young MA Diss)


MULANN MILLA is the Next Hip Hop Superstar!!!

Mulann Milla Born & Raised In Brooklyn Ny
I’ve Been Making Music Since 4yrs Old .
The many Artists That Influenced My Style Is
My Mom , Total ,
Da Brat , Fabolous , Chinx , Meek & Drake Just To Name A Few. The thing that makes MULANN Different From The Rest Is That She’s
Multi -Talented . Not Only does she Rap But MULANN Sings & Dances As Well. She says “I’ve Always Had A Passion For All 3 & I’m Actually Very Skilled In All 3 So I Feel That What Set Me apart From Majority because Not Many artists That’s In The Industry Right Now As We Speak Can Say That” .. The Name Of her New Single Is ” Back 2 Back ” Freestyle Young M.A Diss .. The Message Behind That Single Is Basically Self Explanatory
MULANN explains “BE YASELF” Don’t Try To Come Into The Music Industry With Someone Else Image..
For Those That Don’t Know Last Yr I Dropped My First Music Video To Meek Mills
” Heaven In Hell ” Freestyle Had The
O’ Dawg Braids , Gold Fronts , Whole Hood Behind Me , Spitting That Real S**t
Then Couple Of Months Later I See This Young M.A Character Put Out A Music Video Rapping In Looking Like A Made Up Version Of Me … I Heard Of People Biting Swaggs But To Actually Do A 360 From A Feminine Image To A Rough Image Then To Taking Some One Image ,Nah I Wasn’t Having It So I Had To Address The Issue By Putting Out “Back 2 Back ” To Expose Her For Who She Really Is.
Drake Message Was Right To The Point In That’s Exactly How I Want To Come Off On That Track .. So Shout To Drake For That Record Perfect Timing That Was lol ..
Where Do I See Myself In A Few Years Is Being At The Top Of My Game I’ve Always Saw Myself Becoming A Main Stream Artist So I Could Def See Me There In A Few Years Due To My Dedication In Passion I Have For The Art Of Music .
Feb 10th MULANN is having an exclusive concert where she will be the headliner. A portion of the proceeds will be given for cancer research, which is a disease that her Mom passed away from. MULANN is a star and that’s totally undeniable and with her passion and her Thorough Consulting team, she’s guaranteed to be the next biggest Hip Hop Super Star!!

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