@CeeFor & @svnty6 Wants You To BeBetter


Although SVNTY6 and Cee have been collaborating since 2009 – from remixes to various singles and even a video – the UK-based producer and Canada (by way of Australia) based MC have never completed a full project together…until now.

BeBetter initially came about as a short, three track EP for the FTRSNDMTRX collective, and it quickly turned into a deeper, six track project that truly allowed both Cee and SVNTY6 to shine at their respective crafts, all with the underlying message of ‘be better’.

Cee’s debut album This Is All I Know hit the iTunes charts with a bullet back in April 2014, and although he’d been headlining tours and dropping a slew of feature appearances, BeBetter is his first true solo project since the LP. This EP marks a return to form for the Aussie MC/entrepreneur, as he explores both the dark and light elements of his psyche – from the uplifting title track to the dedication to his lady on “KeepMyBabyWarrrm”, from reflections on his 420 enthusiasm on “UsedToBeHiiigh” to exploring the gender injustices on “MansWorrrld” with Montreal legend D-Shade, from celebrating life on “LoveLoveYalll” with brother Notion to a deeply introspective moment on “AmaliiiaRodrigues”. SVNTY6’s moving production is steeped in soul samples and is most certainly some of his best work to date, ranging from hopeful and optimistic to melancholy and reflective.


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