Video: Jimmy Valentime “Bad Decisions” (@Jimmyvalentime)


Today is the one year anniversary of when Jimmy ValenTime turned in his project “Better Luck Tomorrow” to be mix and master that same night he started shooting his most ambitious video to date “Bad decisions.” As a celebration this revised version of the video has been released with the mix from the album featuring studio work by Willie Green (Wiz Khalifa) and Kelly Portis (Frank Ocean).

The”Bad Decisions” video was directed by Derrick Dawkins, who shot both of Jimmy’s singles for Life in Amazin Times. Derrick is now working on ShowTime’s new series Billions, which will be launched this January. The haunting song details the way two people react to a causal hook up that leaves the both of them feeling empty. The video travels with Jimmy the day after and the young women the night before.

Jimmy ValenTime was born and raised in the South Bronx to a Dominican mother and European father. Growing up, Jimmy experienced a lot of strife and witnessed a lot of violent situations. “Most of my family has had their life derailed by addiction and crime”. Jimmy says “I always wanted more for myself and my ambition shows in my music.” “The way I would describe my rap style is if Common was raised by The Joker. I am a really passionate person, but my sense humor has always been my best weapon.”

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