COTC TV: Episode 5 Featuring @TalibKweli, @9thwonder & More


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Resurrecting the days of crews and collectives, COTC (Colours of the Culture) is an artistic powerhouse of visionaries aligned for a common cause. COTC includes but is not limited to Thanks Joey (producer) NIKO IS (MC) Chaz Van Queen (MC, producer), Talib Kweli (MC), Truly Def (MC), Krikos (producer), YousTheJuice (visual artist) Chris Smith (filmmaker), Henry Daher (producer), Paulina Vo (singer), Seth Byrd (comedian), Anthony “Townsky” Diaz (Filmmaker, Producer), The Narcysist (author, musician, actor, professor, filmmaker), K’Valentine and Palmer Reed (MC, singer, songwriter, musician).

COTC TV is their online web series highlighting behind the scenes tour footage, in the studio moments and the daily adventures of the crew. The 5th episode, released yesterday, featuring studio footage of 9th Wonder and Talib Kweli working on their upcoming album Indie 500, which releases this Friday, November 6th.

The episode is titled “Rap Psalms” and also features Killer Mike, NIKO IS, DJ Spintelect, Thanks Joey, Rapsody, Slug from Atmosphere, Royce Rizzy, Sean Falyon, and Federiiiico.

COTC TV releases new episodes every Tuesday on their youtube channel.

@TalibKweli | @9thwonder

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