Phone Tap with @itzqwilliams


Meet Brooklyn’s own Q. Williams, an R&B vocalist who is also an intellectual ladykiller. He has seen his share of hard-times but used beats, lyrics and his soulful voice as a catalyst to get through the troubles surrounding his world. Everyone goes through pain, happiness, or just in between but his music let’s you even more understand that he is human too. His new single, “Robbery” speaks of a woman who take all of his power in the bedroom and the track is bound to be a shoo-in with the ladies. More than a singer, songwriter and performer, Q Williams is an experience felt amongst a thousand words and Q is sure to captivate you with his tender and melodic tone. You might not know his name, yet, but you will after this post. Charming, humorous as he is intelligent, Q takes snatches the mic from me and takes the podium on the issue of R&B in this episode of Phone Tap.


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