Faith Evans Statement To Police About Biggie Smalls Murder Released


Former LAPD Detective Greg Kading released a document interview of Faith Evans about what happened the night her husband was killed, The statement was conducted by former Detective Russell Poole | via Facebook 

Here’s a throwback interview of Biggies wife, Faith Evans, conducted by former Detective Russ Poole. Of particular interest is the information about “Zip” (aka Eric Martin, aka Equan Williams) and his close connection to both Biggie and Puffy, further substantiating the claims made by Tupac murder co-conspirator, Duane “Keffe D” Davis. Zip was the person who provided Keffe D with the gun in Las Vegas that would be used to kill Tupac Shakur.




Those who don’t know Zip (pictured below) he was a known gangster and drug trafficker from Harlem, Ny and was the one who allegedly provided the gun to kill Tupac Shakur in Las vegas on September 7th 1996. From the docs (above) Zip was the the Godfather to Biggie’s and Diddy son’s
Zip died August 27, 2012. So did Biggie Smalls knew who exactlly killed his former friend Tupac Shakur ? guess we’ll never know.

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