VIDEO: Vinny: The Animated Series (@VinzoDaBarber) – “Barbers Wanted”


Real life barber Matt Cassero lends his vocal and illustration talents to create a web series called Vinny: The Animated Series.

The series revolves around Vinny, a lazy, good for nothing Brooklyn barber who is often the butt of all jokes in the show. Most of the series is based on real life experiences that Matt has gone through, such as this episode entitled “Barbers Wanted”, where barber shop owner Rocko fires one of the barbers and the shop is then left short-handed. He then gets Vinny to post a help wanted ad on Craigslist to fill the empty chair.

The vocals are done by Matt (as Vinny), Brooklyn Veteran emcee Shabaam Sahdeeq (as himself, for he has some barber stories as well) in addition to Danny Amorin and Donny Reid lending thier voices as well.

The series’ theme song is done by no other than Queens legend Tragedy Khadafi with some dope cuts by DJ Ready Cee.

Check out the Vinny website for some more laughs. Enjoy the clip!

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