#PhoneTap with @theofficialshae


From Nashville, Tennessee by way Louisiana, Southern belle Shae Williams is a singer/actress who has graced legendary venues such as BB King’s, Spanish Festival and the African Street Festival. She has also worked with award winning playwright Garrett Davis in theater plays such as “If Loving You Is Wrong” and “Marrying Up”. Shae is working on her upcoming album entitled Ready (the single is out right now on iTunes and other digital music sites) with a little help from Grammy nominees Alvin Garrett and Roger Ryan. Her goal is to bringing soul and the love song back into R&B, something she says is really is missing in this generation of music. With both of our personalities and sense of humor, we thought we were never gonna get this interview done, we were tee-heeing through out the conversation. We speak more about R&B, a little girl chat about them Denzel memes and share some more laughs in this episode of Phone Tap.

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