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This past Friday I got a chance to check out the RLE Concert at The Delancey in the East Village, L.E.S sections of Manhattan. The night featured a highly talented collection of indie artists, under the coordination of Real Lyfe Enterprises. This was my first time witnessing what they had to offer, and I must say I was impressed. One of the standouts on the night was a young BX crooner, JR Just Real. He hit the stage at displaying talent and a disposition behind his years, which prompted me to want to get to know more. Check out our exclusive interview below:

Jason Bourne: You are a phenomenal R&B artist. I had the chance to watch you perform this past weekend in the East Village. Above anything, I appreciate your showmanship and visible dedication to your craft. Can you tell us about the inspiration to follow your dreams of being an R&B singer, and where the path began ?

JR Just Real: I found that inspiration at a young age. Growing up in the church is where I discovered my vocal talent> I knew at a young age what my passion was; it was for music. The late 90s and early 2000s radio was dominated by true R&B. That is the point where I fell in love and decided to chase the dream.

You mention a great era, not only for R&B but for music period. They call it the “golden era.” What are your thoughts on today’s market and the version of R&B that is readily accessible to the fans ?

JR Just Real: Today’s R&B is a lot like social media. I liken it to females flooding instagram with selfies. Its all filtered.With the use of software, and with rappers becoming more melodic its seeming like the genre is becoming repetitive. The same songs, over the same types of beats. My love is for Rhythm & Blues, that’s what R&B is ! I look around and I ask what happened to the soulful element. I am stuck in the past musically, but I am able to bridge the gap and deliver my brand of R&B which is still highly relate-able for todays audience.

Jason Bourne: How do you plan to make an impact ?

JR Just Real: By remaining relevant in today’s market, but also keeping the same authenticity that has helped me rise. I am always going to be true to who I am as a man, and as an artist.Music is more than just a hot beat, there has to be a message behind your music. And that’s what I bring REAL R&B, REAL Music

Jason Bourne: At what point did you realize that this could be an actual career for you ?

Probably about a year ago. I mean I’ve been recording for about 5 years but it wasn’t until doors started to open that I realized that this was an industry I wanted to be apart of.

Jason Bourne: What was the first song that you wrote and recorded?

JR Just Real: The first song I ever recorded was a song I wrote for my high school sweetheart. We were together for almost 3years. We were supposed to get married and all, but as you can see that didn’t work out. Now its just me and my music (laughs).

You are an entrepreneur as well, tell us about you and your partner God Hamo’s R.E.A.L Music Entertaintment

JR Just Real: Unfortunately we Put R.E.A.L Music to rest, The business relationship never worked out. That’s My Brother regardless and I feel us separating was best for Us Both. I wish him nothing but the test. I’m still an entrepreneur, I got some things in the works.

Jason Bourne: For a short while you were a part of a group as well, Rich Boss Family; tell us about that

Ah man talk about an awkward situation (pauses). It just wasn’t meant to be, there was a whole bunch of miscommunication during that brief relationship. Everything happens for a reason. Me & Youngy (RBF CEO) are still cool. He’s recording my next project. One of the only engineers I trust.

Jason Bourne: What is your current situation?

JR Just Real: I have finally found a home with ICMG ( Inner City Music Group). Me and Kony Brooks met about a year ago and in December he extended the offer to be a part of the movement, and it has been magic ever since. It’s a great feeling to have someone like Kony see potential in me. Bringing me on and looking out for, has been a blessing. It’s deeper than music, we are family at ICMG.

Jason Bourne: You have a project out, Thoughts of The Heart: The transition. What is the vibe of the project as a whole, as well do you touch on any personal subjects such as the ups and downs you have seen in your career thus far?

JR Just Real: Yeah, The Transition Is An Awesome Project, It is on DatPiff as we speak. I need everybody to check that out. On the project I touch on a lot of personal subjects from my relationship going awry to lack of family support. There’s some good stuff on there.

Jason Bourne: Are there any projects to be released this year?

No projects this year. However all year long I am in preparation for my EP Another Level The project should drop sometime in February of next year. After the summer, we will be locking in and focusing on completion. It’s gonna be for the grown and sexy I can promise you that.

Jason Bourne: At such a young age, you are very connected with your character, and feelings; is that hard to do considering what people would assume to be a lack of maturity stereotypically for someone your age ?

JR Just Real: Its not difficult at all, I grew up trying to fit in and as I got older I realized how important being yourself is . That is a principle that I try to instill into my listeners. Let people think what they want, but be true to yourself.

Jason Bourne: Where can the people connect with you online for features and to stay updated with your progress ?

JR Just Real: For features they can contact via email: jriammusic@gmail.com. For updates follow me via social media

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