@ProduKtJRG – in·con·spic·u·ous EP


Produkt, the hard hitting emcee from the Bronx is a 5x Underground Music Award winner and Billboard Charting (Hot 100 Hot Singles), whose “one fan at a time” grassroots philosophy has netted him hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and over 1.2 million online video views over numerous blog sites. Produkt’s two year long ascent to notoriety accelerated in 2014 when he released his hit single, “Hold it Down”. The track caught the attention of well-respected music critics as well, and has been awarded Best Video and Song of the Year honors at numerous underground award shows.

In in·con·spic·u·ous, we all know the term “SPIC” is a slur, but he is flipping it into a powerful acronym for “Spanish People In Control.” On the record he addresses the same issues that plague Black people including police brutality. The cover conceals the identity of 4 children, which is a reflection of how many Hispanics have to live with the lack of identity here in America. In America, Hispanics are often referred to as the racial slur, a highly offensive term referring to a Spanish-speaking person from Mexico, Central or South America, Spain, or Portugal, by other races and ethnicities.

in·con·spic·u·ous is now available for streaming and free download.


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