Phone Tap with @BONDZWORLD


Barry Bondz is hip hop’s lyrical finesser who grew up Newark’s South Ward. Bondz used his neighborhood as his muse, from the streets he roamed echoing the same sentiments, it influenced the tone of his flow, but the streets became his religion. Overwhelmed by the struggle between passion and needs, it was creating music that helped him survive the lifestyle he called home.

Bondz built up a buzz through the mix tape circuit and, after performing on the BET Hip-Hop Cypher, was featured in The Source as a Hidden Gem, introducing a new era of seasoned East Coast hip hop immersed in stories and lyrical gestures.

His new freestyle, The Success, merges classic hip hop with a new age East Coast flow. It is the embodiment of progress, highlighting Bondz as the metaphoric monster Newark shaped him to be.

I sit down with Newark’s future golden boy as we speak on his music and the rising violence of his hometown on this edition of Phone Tap.

Check out his freestyle “The Success”, which is available for download on Soundcloud.


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