VIDEO: American Poets 2099 feat @KillahPriest & @C_Rayz_Walz – “Super Villains Pt. 2”


The American Poets 2099 return with their follow up to 2010’s Intro & self-titled album American Poets 2099. American Poets 2099 in: Pros Lab 3 is the latest offering from Holocaust, Pro The Leader, Nova-Kane, Atlantis Scrolls along with long time family members Ace Gauntlit, Bootface & C-Rayz Walz. Their combined forces brings new insight to what the future really sounds like. The Poets keep the guests to a minimum enlisting heavy weights Killah Priest, Canibus & P.R. Terrorist of Killarmy to maneuver through today’s rap catacombs, even Solomon Childs & Bomshot make appearances in the “War Zone of 2099”. The Lab Trilogy Excursions melodies were produced by Prime Music along with St. Louis to bring a hard core harmonic convergence to light. Opportunity awaits the Poets as they go harder than ever before. These Super Villains raps leave cold cuts to the bone & break beats while teaching Laboratory eloquence. It’s like a Frankenstein factory how these lyrical scientists cook up Lab Poetry that even a Killamobb couldn’t stop. Enter Pros Lab 3 at your own risk & be prepared for this mad confrontational album that will strike the right cords with true Hip Hop enthusiasts.

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@KillahPriest | @C_Rayz_Walz

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