@therealMICHANDZ feat. @GeneralSteele & @HakimGreen (@Beatminerz_IBC) – “Unrest (Playing For Next)”


This is a record that was born out of the necessity to contribute of the efforts to shine light on social and criminal injustices being imposed by the police and state activities here in the United States of America. Young black and minority men are being targeted as if hunted for sport, brutalized and far to often, executed on their neighborhood streets as if to say they are expendable or worthless, as if they are not worthy of fair treatment or a fair trail as stated by law. Handz, Steele & Hakim created this track to tell the world that black lives DO and always will, matter.

@therealMICHANDZ | @GeneralSteele | @HakimGreen | @Beatminerz_IBC

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