A Conversation with: @DPSINCE02

Raf & Snook, the two brothers that make up Baltimore’s rap duo Dirt Platoon has been making noise since 2002. Their goal? Putting their city on the map with their own spin on hip hop. Performing with acts such as EPMD & Keith Murray AND not to mention being inducted into Baltimore’s Hip Hop Hall of Fame, they plan to do just that with their upcoming album, Bare Face Robbery, which drops March 23rd. I met up with the group during their NY promo weekend and discussed the album over drinks and some very noisy patrons.

bare face

Bare Face Robbery drops March 23rd, but you can pre-order the CD or vinyl on the Effiscienz website.

Check out two tracks from the upcoming album:

@DPSINCE02 | Effiscienz

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