Video: Mad Ciphas Mondays #MCM Vol. 8 presents Tray Pizzy, Manolo Rose, Benny Blanko, Japan


Mad Ciphas Mondays #MCM presents Tray Pizzy and friends courtesy of Major Stage with performance from Manolo Rose, Benny Blanko and Japan. “We pray to the Gods for the weak…” Tray Pizzy

Live song order

Tray Pizzy – Oh No (1:12)
Tray Pizzy – Murda One feat Benny Blanko (2:45)
Tray Pizzy – My Borough (5:12)
Tray Pizzy – POPS feat Japan (6:43)
Manolo Rose – Dopeman [All About The Money] (10:08)
Manolo Rose – Run Ricky Run (11:00)

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Executive Producers: Stalin Crespo, Gee Rivera, Gabo Herarte
Directors: Stalin Crespo and Gabo Herarte
Editor: Stalin Crespo

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